Lather Machines

Experience the shaving power of LatherKing!With its fully enclosed motor, extra large soap cup, and improved stainless steel valve, the LatherKing gives you the hot, thick, perfectly creamy lather you need to treat your clients to a VIP-level sha..
Features a push button for easy dispensing, an extra large soap cup for an all day supply and a long lasting DC motor. Creates a hot latherIncludes a non-slip safety pad, cleaning brush and an 8oz bottle of liquid shave cream. ..
Each bottle makes two full gallons of rich, thick, wet lather. For use with all professional lather machines. ..
Designed for barber lather machines, add 1oz to 16oz of water.  One bottle makes 1.5 gallons of shaving cream. Sapone Lather Pro Liquid Shaving Cream is the ultimate barbers shaving cream.  It softens and lifts the beard for a clos..
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