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Instantly cool and refresh the skin after shaving with Agadir Splash featuring our signature Oud Wood scent. Achieve that silky smooth feeling by tightening and toning. Use as an overall body tonic to invigorate and soothe skin after bathing or..
Liquid Razor creates razor sharp edges without the use of a straight razor.  Helps maintain the integrity of the hairline using a liquid solution that raises the tiny hairs (normally not visible) to help create sharp, crisp, precise edge..
Creates flawless neck tapers, fades and clean ups.How it works:Spray the product around the hairline and see all the tiny hairs missed pop up.  Clean up all the missed hair and create a flawless haircut.  For an even fade, apply the ..
Aids in preventing ingrown hair, softens existing bumps, fights cluster bumps, revitalizes dry scalp and skin.What's inside?Our formula contains microbial and antibacterial ingredients that attack the bacterial infection developed by the inflammati..
Clubman Pinaud Powder has been specifically formulated to help control moisture to keep you cool, calm and irritation free all day.  A unique blend of cornstarch, zinc oxide and kaolin keeps your skin feeling dry and smooth. Combine..
Formulated with the highest quality ingredients, this ultra-fine body powder is made from a blend of Cornstarch, Allantoin, Aloe Vera and Zinc Oxide to absorb moisture while helping soothe dry, irritated skin. The contemporary masculine fragra..
Ready. Set. Repair. Our Bump Repair Gel unclogs pores, heals irritated skin and prevents scarring. Eases razor burn, shave bumps and ingrown hairs, while leaving your neck and face looking good...·      ..
This classic Clubman Shave Cream is world famous! Enriched with Aloe Vera, let this cream sit on your face for 30 seconds before shaving and notice the difference!·       Special pH formula for closer, more comfo..
Pinaud Clubman Shave Butter gives a rich and moisturizing shave in a tube...Moisture-rich formula with Shea and Coca Butter Hydrates skin Softens whiskers and sets the beard for the closest, cleanest, most comfortable shave you have ever ..
Pinaud Clubman Shave Lather gives a rich and moisturizing shave in a tube...·       Perfect for a close, smooth, fast shave·       Moisturizing formula leaves your face clean and re..
Pinaud Clubman Head Shave Gel ·       Moistures and conditions...·       Smooth, slick and just the right amount of slip for a close shave·       ..
Pinaud Clubman Classic Barber Shave Cream conditions and moisturizes...·       Dramatically reduces dry skin, rashes, nicks and cuts·       Provides a protective barrier to improve ..
Pinaud Clubman Shave Soap leaves skin feeling refreshed and smooth with no razor burn or irritation...·       Rich and moisturizing·       Instantly see and feel the difference ..
Pinaud Clubman Shave Oil moiturizes and improves razor glide...·       Reduces dry skin, rash, nicks and cuts·       Conditions and moisturizes for a smooth close shave·  ..
Clear Shaving Gel with Before & After Shave Lotion Featuring a full range of benefits to make your routine easier, our Men’s Spiced Vanilla Glide Shave Lotion is a clear shave gel that allows you to see exactly where you need to shave,..
Featuring a full range of benefits to make your routine easier, this is a clear gel that will allow you to perfectly see where you need to shave, so you can better edge beards and mustaches, line sideburns, and clean up neck areas. Doesn’t nee..
A HAIR CUTTER’S CROWNING GLORY! It’s not often that a professional product comes along that is beyond valuable to a stylist on so many levels. Blade Glide is the incredible all-star choice you’ll be reaching for once you discover its practical ben..
Upgrade your shaving routine with the Transparent Shaving Gel for greater shaving comfort. The non-foaming transparent formula delivers clear shaving gel for easy visibility so you can see where the blades from your razor have already passed. This..
Specially formulated for all types of skin, the After Shave Cologne provides instant after shave relief by moisturizing, hydrating, and refreshing the skin. The unique ingredients protect the skin from nicks, skin breakouts, razor bumps, and ..
Refreshing and energizing, the Lemon Sanitizing Cologne delivers a fresh and aromatic citrus fragrance. The scent combines lemon and a sweet smell of vanilla, producing an elegant and revitalizing aroma that is perfect for any occasion. ..
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