Fastest and lightest in class! New hybrid motor is ultra-lightweight and combines high-performance and velocity to dramatically reduce drying time without compromising on power. Evolution Turbo Compressor (E.T.C.) – generates unique spi..
The Gamma+ 3500 Tourmaline is robust, reliable, high-tech and sets a new standard for drying. Sleek Italian design offers pure blow drying power with maximum air flow to reduce drying time. Tourmaline Ionization Technology – helps natural ..
The Xcell dryer changes everything - the world’s first truly professional high-tech hair dryer features 30% more air pressure than other dryers in its class with intelligent heat control to prevent damaging hair. Acoustic noise optimizati..
INCREASED TORQUE 9V MICROCHIPPED MOTOR The magnetic motor, the holy grail of clipper motors, just got souped-up. Already considered the most heavy-duty and professional motor, the X-ERGO features the latest in magnetic motor technology with a mi..
PROTÉGÉ CLIPPER • Ridged Taper Blade with Deep Tooth Cutter can be easily zero gapped• The 5 click taper control positions allows for more consistent fades and blending • Universal mini USB charger for worldwide use • Modular and easily upgradeable..
The Combo package includes both the new Gamma+ Clipper and Trimmer for the best quality deal. Two essential tools all in one box.PROTÉGÉ CLIPPER • Ridged Taper Blade with Deep Tooth Cutter can be easily zero gapped • The 5 click taper control..
LIGHTER WEIGHT, MORE POWERFUL AND QUIETER - A classic re-imagined. The Absolute Alpha features a supercharged rotary motor that is more powerful, quieter, and lighter weight than similar clippers in its class. The Alpha not only includes a stand a..
BUILT-IN WIRELESS CHARGING TECHNOLOGYRevolutionary first of its kind built-in universal wireless charging technology is compatible with QI wireless chargers. Remove any cell-phone from your wireless charger and use the same charger for your Wirele..
Super close cutting ultra-thin hypo- allergenic gold titanium foils keep even the most sensitive skin free of razor burns, ingrown hairs or skin irritation. Compatible with the Absolute Zero and Wireless Prodigy Foil shavers. ..
CLOSE-CUTTING SHAVER WITH NO IRRITATION Super close-cutting while keeping even the most sensitive skin free of razor bumps, ingrown hairs or skin irritation. Super sleek, lightweight design, includes a forged cutter, crunchy cutter, a plush velv..
The ultimate in Italian style, quality and performance. This special edition professional Finishing Foil Shaver offers ultra-thin and hypo-allergenic gold titanium foils and staggered, independently floating cutters. Its advanced design gives..
Replacement foil for Gamma Plus Absolute Zero Shaver Ultra-thin and hypo-allergenic gold titanium ..
Professional cord/cordless modular trimmer with black diamond blade - First ever fully modular Absolute Hitter trimmer with removable drop-top, Universal micro USB charger, and Black Diamond Carbon blade. Includes full Gold, Rose Gol..
THE FASTEST AND QUIETEST TRIMMER IN ITS CLASS The holy grail of clipper motors, the magnetic motor was hard to imagine being developed for a full-sized cordless clipper. Now we’ve engineered the revolutionary linear magnetic motor to fit in a co..
INCREASED TORQUE MICROCHIPPED MAGNETIC MOTOR The holy grail of trimmer motors, the magnetic motor, was hard to imagine being developed for a full-sized cordless clipper. Now our revolutionary linear magnetic motor just got souped-up. Always cons..
STAY SHARP with the ULTIMATE REPLACEMENT TRIMMER BLADE Who thinks about replacement trimmer blades until you need them?  Don’t get caught without a blade when you really need one.  This Ultimate .2mm fixed replacement trimmer blade fit..
Highest quality Black Diamond Carbon blade is rust and corrosion impermeable, stays sharper longer with coolest operation. Ideal for finishing and sensitive skin. Secure black runner to blade for Evo and X-Evo. Secure white runner to blade for Hit..
Ideal for bulk cutting, stays cooler. Includes Black Diamond Carbon DLC blade, Ceramic deep tooth cutter is ideal for cutting bulk with no irritation. Can zero-gap. ..
The Gamma+ Double Magnetic Clipper Guards easily attach to most popular clippers with a strong double magnet system to keep them in place. With 8 different lengths to select from you can find the right guard quickly and easily for any cu..
Gamma+ absolute hitter custom body kits and axis shields are designed to customize your trimmer and prevent clogging.Package contains one red body kit and axis shield and one black body kit and axis shield. *Trimmer is not included..
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