The ultra-durable, extremely powerful professional hairdryer ENDURO Brushless BLDC MotorIons generator with COLOUR CARE™SILENT SYSTEM filter10' SuperFlex cable with ROTOCORD™Ripple wire SECURITY heating element6 air flow/temperature set..
The ultra-silent, high performance professional hairdryer LONG-LIFE AC Universal Motor1875 wattsIons generator with COLOUR CARE™Smart airflow technology10' SuperFlex cable with ROTOCORD™THERMO-CONTROL ripple wire heating element6 air fl..
The super compact and super powerful professional hairdryer 2000 WLONG-LIFE AC Universal MotorIons generator10' SuperFlex cable with ROTOCORDTHERMO-CONTROL ripple wire heating element6 air flow/temperature settingsCold air button INSTAN..
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