#FX899MB BabylissPro FXONE BLACKFX Clipper w/ Free Battery

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  • Brand: Babyliss
  • Product Code: CONB 125
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For a limited time, buy the #FX899MB Clipper and receive a FXONE Battery free!*

Welcome the all new BabylissPro FXONE BLACKFX Clipper.

This all-metal clipper features an interchangeable battery that can be swapped between any of the FXONE tools. An all new blade (FX8022B) has built-in oil reservoirs for constant lubrication and less friction. This keeps the blade cooler and sharper longer. The new brushless motor (N1) features dual ball bearings for more efficiency and a longer life. The interchangeable battery pack has a 2.5 hour runtime and features a 4 stage LED ring that indicates battery life. A new 5-detent locking stretch taper provides increased range. The new improved all metal housing features an ergonomic finger rest, removable hair pocket door, knurled metal barbell grip & a quick release button for the battery.

And finally, the new tapered end cap contains a hidden hanging hook.


All new features:

  • New Black Ultra-thin MIM Blade (FX8022G)
  • New N1 Brushless Motor
  • New Interchangeable Lithium Battery Pack
  • New 5-Detent Locking Stretch Taper
  • New Improved All Metal Housing
  • New Tapered End Cap with Hidden Hanging Hook
  • New Compact Charging Base
  • Includes Clipper, Battery & Charging Base

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