Stylecraft Fresh Fade Brush

  • Brand: Stylecraft
  • Product Code: STY1500
  • Availability: In Stock

The Fresh Fade Brush – professional fade and cleaning barber hair brush


• GENTLE ON THE SCALP – Made with soft nylon bristles

• EFFORTLESS BLENDING – The oval shape of the brush allows for smooth and natural transitions between hair lengths

• EASY TO CLEAN – Quick and efficient removal of hair clippings and product residue due to the bristles soft texture

• VERSATILE– Used for all hair lengths and textures

• DURABLE AND LONG-LASTING – Withstand frequent use and maintain its shape and performance overtime

• COMPACT – Measuring 6” x 1.5” x.95” allowing for more precise and controlled movements

• LIGHTWEIGHT – Easier to maneuver, weighing only 0.9 oz.

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